GI Repair Is Now Named Butyricum

Say hello to Butyricum, the probiotic formerly known as GI Repair. 

Why did we change the name?

Good question, with a great answer. 

Here at Pendulum, our vision is to unite the precision of science with the balance of nature to restore and transform our body’s natural capabilities. This is why we changed the name of GI Repair to Butyricum—this probiotic is formulated with a powerful single strain called Clostridium butyricum, and as a company founded in science and medicine, we believe it’s important to highlight the science. This targeted strain is naturally found in the gut microbiome to help digestive health, and truly deserves the spotlight. 

So what’s really changed? Just the name—Butyricum.

What does Butyricum do?

The short answer is this: Butyricum relieves occasional gas, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation.

Of course, the long answer is much more interesting. Clostridium butyricum produces butyrate, which is an important short-chain fatty acid (SCFA) produced when bacteria in the gut break down dietary fiber. Butyrate is associated with a spectrum of health benefits including healthy gut permeability, blood sugar response, and immune function. Despite its importance, however, many people may not get enough of this essential postbiotic.  

Here’s a fun fact: humans can’t make butyrate on their own. Instead, butyrate is delivered from food and from a series of reactions that take place in the gut microbiome. 

The loss of butyrate-producing bacteria in the gut microbiome can have far-reaching effects in the human body

So while this probiotic does, indeed, help repair GI issues, it goes far beyond simple “GI Repair”.

Butyricum improves digestive health, relieves occasional gas and bloating, helps regulate bowel movements, and unlocks butyrate production. For more information on this essential strain, check out this blog post here.

New name, same powerful benefits. Butyricum. Pronounced byoo-tuh-rick-um. Also known as: amazing. 

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