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Healthy Holiday Fiber Swaps to Nourish Your Gut Microbiome

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Healthy Holiday Fiber Swaps to Nourish Your Gut Microbiome

By Dan Trecroci

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

It’s also the time of the year when healthy habits can go right out the window.

As you think about the foods in which you plan to indulge, try to remember one thing—the trillions of beneficial bacteria and bugs that make up your gut microbiome really love fiber

Is following a gut-microbiome-friendly eating plan hard to do during the holidays?

People who follow “Westernized Diets” (i.e. diets that are high in fat and sugar, and low in fiber) have the holiday season circled on their calendar all year long. That’s because the holiday season has more matzah, latkes, pumpkin pie, and roast goose than you can shake a yule log at. 

But following a gut-microbiome-friendly eating plan during the holidays is actually much easier than you’d think. All it takes is a few healthy swaps of your favorite dishes, and you can still enjoy all of the indulgence without any guilt.

Fiber is the part of plant foods (e.g. fruits, vegetables, and whole-intact grains) that your body can’t digest or absorb. Fiber passes relatively intact or undigested through your stomach, small intestine, colon, and then out of your body. 

Fiber is also a carbohydrate (yup, you read that right) that helps:

  • Slow the absorption of glucose
  • Manage blood sugars
  • Lower cholesterol
  • With digestion and keep your regular
  • You feel fuller longer, which can prevent you from overeating
  • Feed your microbiome, keeping it nice and diverse

Healthy Holiday Swaps, Ideas & Treats!
Watch Pendulum’s “Holiday Fiber Swaps” webinar

Get tips directly from a Pendulum Dietitian by watching Pendulum’s free “Holiday Fiber Swaps!” webinar.

During the webinar, Kristin Neusel, MS, RDN, LD, CDCES, coaches you on ways to enjoy eating during the holidays while staying gut healthy.

  • Learn what ingredients you can swap out in your favorite holiday recipe
  • Discover the best high-fiber holiday favorites during the holidays


“Being able to stay healthy and still enjoy the holidays is so important, “ says Neusel. “During this webinar, I will offer tips and tricks so that you can have your pumpkin pie and eat it too.”

What are some other gut-microbiome eating plans?

Pendulum previously discussed 6 swaps for a healthier you, and the advice is relevant year-round.  

When it comes to culinary indulgence, however, the holidays are a special time of year.

Pendulum has a fast-and-easy resource for “Healthy Holiday Food Swaps.” 

In addition to the holiday season, Pendulum's registered dietitians (RDs) have gut-microbiome friendly eating plans for all year round.

If you want a taste of some foods that nourish the gut microbiome and help to manage blood sugars, check out the 42 unique meal plans that Pendulum's RDs have created

What probiotics go with following a gut-microbiome-friendly eating plan?

Pendulum Glucose Control (PGC) is the only medical probiotic used for the management of Type 2 diabetes. It delivers 5 targeted probiotics and one prebiotic to your gut microbiome. 

PGC has been scientifically shown to help lower A1C and post-meal blood glucose spikes in people with Type 2 diabetes who were also taking metformin.

If managing Type 2 diabetes is not your thing—but gut health is—there is now Pendulum Akkermansia.  Unlike Pendulum Glucose Control, Pendulum Akkermansia is not intended for use in the management of Type 2 diabetes, but Akkermansia muciniphila may play a key role in supporting gut-health.

What are some good gut-health resources? 
To learn more about gut-microbiome health, you can always check the Pendulum Life Digest! Go to the search bar and type “gut health,” or just click here. 
When looking for gut-health resources, always look for credentialed, qualified sites that have registered dietitians or qualified credentialed healthcare providers providing sound, scientific advice.
For more information about Pendulum and its products, go to To contact Pendulum Therapeutics go to or call (844) 912-2256.
Happy Holidays

We at Pendulum wish you and yours the happiest holidays!

Before you consider any of these gut-health solutions, talk to your healthcare provider. 
The FDA has not approved or evaluated these statements. Pendulum products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.