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Real results in 90 days — or it’s on us.

Our 100% hassle-free, money-back guarantee.

We’re so sure Pendulum will make a positive difference in how you manage your type 2 diabetes, we’ll refund your entire purchase if it doesn’t. 

How does it work? Try Pendulum for 90 days. If it doesn’t meet your expectations, contact us at or (844) 912-2256 and we’ll get you taken care of. 

1. This Money-Back Guarantee & Returns Policy (“Policy”) applies whenever you order or otherwise receive any of our Products through our Sites. 

2. With any purchase of our Products, we ask that you try your Product for at least 90 days to see if they help you (the “Trial Period”). We hope you enjoy your new Products but if any of our Products that you purchased from our Site fails to meet your expectations, please notify us and we will refund you the full purchase price for such Products. If you do notify us that you want to return your Products, it would be helpful to us if you explain why you were dissatisfied.

3. Our Money-Back Guarantee is valid only for the first time you purchase a Product, and is redeemable up to 30 days after the Trial Period. If your order consists of more than three (3) units of the same Product, we will only refund the first three (3) units of the order.

If for any future purchases of our Products, our Products fail to meet their specifications in any material respect and you wish to return or exchange a Product purchased from our Site, you must obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (“RMA”) number within 30 days of purchase. Please contact our Customer Service at (844)-912-2256.

4. or by e-mail at to obtain a RMA number and mailing information. You will receive a refund for item(s) returned within 14 days of the date you obtain a RMA number. We cannot reimburse original shipping and handling charges. Please include a copy of the original receipt in the package.

5. If you are requesting a refund or returning an item in compliance with this Policy, we will issue you a full refund to your credit card or other payment mechanism for the original purchase price of such item. Products that are ineligible for return based on this Policy will not be returned to you and no credit will be issued for such Products. Once your notice of return is received, please allow up to 14 business days for the refund to be processed. You will receive a return confirmation email once your return has been processed. If you paid for your order using a combination of Gift Card and another payment mechanism, the Gift Card will be refunded first.