Get to know Akkermansia muciniphila — and what it can do for you!

Get to know Akkermansia muciniphila — and what it can do for you!

You can’t buy this multi-beneficial bacteria strain anywhere else.

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What is Akkermansia?

In 2004—the same year that smartphones came out—Akkermansia muciniphila was discovered. Today—similar to how Smartphones have changed how we communicate—Akkermansia has changed how we approach gut health. Akkermansia is a unique and novel probiotic strain that is naturally found in your gastrointestinal tract. It directly interacts with the gut lining and helps regulate the mucus lining of the gut, which helps maintain your gut lining*.

In healthy people, Akkermansia accounts for up to 4% of your intestinal bacteria. The most direct way to increase Akkermansia levels in your gut is by taking either Pendulum Akkermansia or Pendulum Glucose Control.

*Based on preclinical studies

Akkermansia is a keystone, beneficial strain.

How does Akkermansia support your health?

Your gut microbiome is an ecosystem that is home to tens of trillions of bacteria—some good and some bad.

Healthy adult gut microbiomes are both relatively stable and diverse. While a well-balanced gut microbiome supports a healthy body, the opposite is true for a poorly balanced gut microbiome. So what does any of this have to do with Akkermansia? The lining of your intestines is made up of epithelial cells (i.e. the cells that cover the surfaces of bodily organs). These epithelial cells are covered in a slimy mucus layer that is rich in a protein called “mucin.” Akkermansia…loves this mucin!

Akkermansia loves mucin so much, it uses it for energy. The more mucin that Akkermansia eats, the more it encourages epithelial cells to make additional mucin. This additional “mucin making” is what strengthens your intestinal wall*, which is critical for your health. Benefits can include a) maintaining and repairing gut lining* and b) stimulating GLP-1*, a hormone produced by the gut, which helps maintain a healthy balance between insulin and glucose levels.

*Based on preclinical studies

So why is Akkermansia so hard to find?

Akkermansia is hard to find because it is an anaerobic strain that needs to be grown in an oxygen-free environment (like your gut). This makes Akkermansia unique, as most probiotics on shelves can tolerate oxygen. 

How do we keep our Akkermansia alive? Our enteric capsule is acid-resistant, meaning it is tough enough to get through the very acidic stomach, through the small intestines, and into the large intestines where it can do its job.

Pendulum Akkermansia, Glucose Control, Metabolic Daily, and GLP-1 Probiotic all contain live Akkermansia—and are the only USA probiotics that do.

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Before you consider any of these gut-health solutions, talk to your healthcare provider. 

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