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Pendulum Glucose Control

Helps Lower A1C

Manage Glucose Spikes

Supports Gut Health

Boosts Sugar Metabolism

A Patented Blend of Unique Strains.

We’re taking a new approach to managing type 2 diabetes and sugar metabolism. Our team of scientists, doctors and innovators have isolated unique strains of beneficial bacteria that help restore lost functionality through the gut microbiome. Our patented formulation can’t be found in any other probiotics. Here’s a look at what’s inside:

5 Probiotics

- Akkermansia muciniphila WB-STR-0001
- Clostridium beijerinckii WB-STR-0005
- Clostridium butyricum WB-STR-0006
- Anaerobutyricum hallii WB-STR-0008
- Bifidobacterium infantis Bi-26

1 Prebiotic

Chicory inulin

We’ve included a prebiotic to help feed the probiotic strains, so they can thrive in your gut and get to work doing their job.

Pendulum Glucose Control capsules contain commensal probiotic bacterial strains that are GRAS (generally recognized as safe).

Turning Some Seriously Smart Heads In The Medical Community.

“Many people struggle with inadequate control of their blood sugar. The microbiome is an exciting new field of medicine, and Pendulum is taking a rigorous, science-based approach to developing microbiome solutions for metabolic disorders.”

John Buse, MD, PhD
Chair, Division of Endocrinology
University of North Carolina School of Medicine

See Results In 90 Days.

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Usage & Care

Take 2 capsules daily with food.

One in the morning

One in the evening

If you miss a dose, it’s OK to take two capsules the next time.

Use only under physician supervision as part of your total diabetes management plan.

Pendulum Glucose Control ships and arrives cold. It’s perishable and requires immediate refrigeration.

  • What To Expect

    In our clinical study, Pendulum Glucose Control took three months to show benefits in managing A1C levels and blood glucose spikes. Over the first 14 days, you may experience some changes in your digestive system as our strains get settled. While your body adjusts, some of these changes may cause some digestive discomfort.

  • Non-GMO Verified

    Pendulum Glucose Control is formulated and bottled in our facilities in the United States. We adhere to the highest safety and quality standards and are proud to be Non-GMO Project Verified.

Results of a 12-week, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical study demonstrated a significant reduction in A1C of 0.6% and a significant reduction in blood sugar spike AUC of 32.5% in people with type 2 diabetes taking metformin, compared to placebo. Reviewers may relay their individual experiences with Pendulum Glucose Control that are significantly above or below these expected values, but these results are not typical and were not seen in the clinical study.

Reviewers may also communicate perceived benefits of Pendulum Glucose Control outside of benefits observed in Pendulum's clinical trial. These views solely reflect the experience of the individual reviewer and are not supported by Pendulum's clinical trial results.