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Metabolic Daily

Metabolic Daily is a live multi-strain probiotic that naturally replenishes your gut microbiome to optimize your metabolism and support a healthy weight.

Reduces sugar cravings
Reduces sugar cravings
Breaks down carbs more efficiently
Breaks down carbs more efficiently
Sustains energy levels
Sustains energy levels

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<p>Or should we say, staff pick? Award-winning actor Halle Berry reached out to us after experiencing life-changing results taking our probiotics, which led to her role as our Chief Communications Officer.</p>

Halle's pick

Or should we say, staff pick? Award-winning actor Halle Berry reached out to us after experiencing life-changing results taking our probiotics, which led to her role as our Chief Communications Officer.

Metabolic Daily is a probiotic that everyone can take to help maintain healthy blood sugar and curb sugar cravings.


Award-winning actor, director & producer

The clinically researched & tested strains in Metabolic Daily

Improves Metabolism
Gut Lining
Supports GLP-1 Production
Digestive Health
Sold Only by Pendulum

Frequently asked questions

Metabolic Daily is encased in a plant-based, acid-resistant, delayed release capsule, so that the strain gets through the stomach acid and to the gut microbiome where it can do its job.

The ingredients in Metabolic Daily are GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe), and customers who take it for general metabolic health have reported a wide variety of benefits.

Yes, you’re just getting a greater dose of Akkermansia muciniphila and Clostridium butyricum when you combine them with Metabolic Daily (which already contains Akkermansia muciniphila and Clostridium butyricum).

Store at room temperature. Refrigerate for optimal quality. Cold storage during transit is not necessary.

The shelf life of Metabolic Daily is 2 years from the manufacturing date printed on the bottle. 

However, we are transitioning to putting “best by” dates on our Metabolic Daily bottles. If your bottle is printed with a best by date, that indicates the shelf life.

We’re confident you’ll love Metabolic Daily, so we want you to try it risk-free. If you’re not satisfied with Metabolic Daily within 30 days of your first order delivery, contact us and we’ll issue you a full refund (minus shipping & handling).

Due to the nature of our products, they cannot be reused in any way once they leave our facility. In order to avoid waste, we do not accept returns.

This policy is only available for orders within the USA.

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We currently ship to the United States, US Territories, and Canada, (Canadian orders are limited to Akkermansia, Metabolic Daily, and Butyricum only, with a maximum quantity of 3 one-time purchase bottles per order).

While we don’t ship to other countries, we're building a network of third-party partners who will offer our products in other countries. You can find a breakdown of product availability and international partners in our Help Center.

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