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A Microbiome Test That Checks Your Progress

A Microbiome Test That Checks Your Pendulum Progress
Interested in tracking if Pendulum Glucose Control is changing your gut?

Try Thorne’s at-home Gut Health Test, a cutting-edge microbiome test that checks the status of your gut microbiome so you can see the progress you’re making with Pendulum Glucose Control.




What will you learn?

Thorne’s Gut Health Test provides personalized insights based on your test’s findings. It uses advanced, next-generation metagenomic sequencing of your stool sample, allowing for an in-depth analysis of every microorganism’s DNA down to the strain level. Their proprietary technology identifies and counts the bacteria, viruses, parasites, archaea, fungi, and yeast in your gut, providing a complete snapshot of your gut’s ecosystem. Paired with the artificial intelligence of Onegevity’s Health Intelligence platform, you will find out how the microorganisms and the metabolites they produce are affecting your blood sugar, digestion, metabolism, weight, and more.

Your test results will assess the five pillars of gut health:      

  • Digestion – proper digestion facilitates motility, optimal absorption, and nutrient utilization from the foods you eat. 
  • Inflammatory Response – certain bacteria can adversely impact your gut’s ability to maintain a normal level of inflammatory response, which can be reflected in other systems of your body.
  • Gut Dysbiosis – a comprehensive analysis of the balance of “good” and “bad” bacteria in your gut.
  • Intestinal Permeability – find out if your microbiome is impacting the important cell barrier that protects the insides of your body from the outside environment.
  • Enteric Nervous System Balance – a reflection of your gut-brain axis. Understand how your microbiome affects your brain’s function, as well as your mood, sleep, concentration, and more.

  • As someone who is concerned about their blood sugar, you should focus on these specific areas of the report:

  • Beta-diversity: Although most tests provide an alpha diversity score, which only reflects how many different types of bacteria you have present, Thorne’s test reports the superior metric: beta-diversity – which includes both the number and type of different bacteria and compares you to other adults. A low score is ideal, meaning you have a low level of dissimilarity to other healthy adults.
  • Good, Bad, and Conditional Bacteria: From thousands of DNA-sequenced read-outs in your gut, we highlight 12 beneficial, 18 harmful, and six conditional bacteria that you will want to know your levels of. This includes Akkermansia muciniphila, a universally “good bacteria” and keystone strain, that is only available in Pendulum Glucose Control.              Research supports its association with an improved ability to manage body weight, fat mass, and body composition metrics. We recommend you test, take your Pendulum Glucose Control, and test again in a few months to detect any changes!      
  • Short-Chain Fatty Acids: The bacteria in the gut generate these highly beneficial metabolites – they provide anti-inflammatory effects, improve gut motility, maintain gut permeability, and lower intestinal lumen pH. With their clear beneficial associations to good health – and perhaps one of the hottest topics in gut health – you will want to know the level of your short-chain fatty acids and begin to optimize them immediately.  Randomized controlled trials have shown that higher production of short-chain fatty acids correlates with healthy body weight and blood sugar response.

  • Your personalized microbiome report also includes:

  • Immune Readiness Score: 70 percent of the immune system is derived from the gut. This score lets you know if your gut is equipped with the right microbial composition to keep you healthy.
  • Micronutrients: The bacteria in your gut can produce B vitamins. Learn your capability to make folate, niacin, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12, as well as finding out if your gut is helping you reach your daily needs for these nutrients.      
  • Total Fungi: This score helps you understand the amount of fungi in your sample compared to healthy microbiome samples.      
  • Your report will show you the results of the Thorne Pathogen Screen – identifying and counting the number of 11 specific parasites and bacteria that humans pick up from food, water, air, or insects.

  • Your report will also include precise lifestyle and dietary recommendations curated by the artificial intelligence and machine learning of Onegevity’s Health Intelligence. Onegevity has the world’s largest microbiome platform, optimized with trained and validated algorithms that analyze your gut ecosystem compared to others and, with that knowledge, provide you the best options to improve your gut status.

    We recommend following your plan for 60-90 days. Then you can retest to track your progress and determine whether your lifestyle changes are positively impacting your gut health and symptoms.

    Thorne Test
    Who can benefit from a Thorne Gut Health Test?

    The Thorne Gut Health Test is a must for individuals who are looking to optimize their microbiome for better blood sugar management or who want to know the effect their lifestyle, supplementation, or diet is having on their health.


    How to get started

    Thorne’s Gut Health Test only requires a small stool sample. Your test kit includes the necessary tools and instructions for sample collection in the comfort of your home bathroom, and instructions on sending the sample to the lab in a pre-paid shipper. In about four weeks, the results will provide a stable and comprehensive picture of your gut’s community and will give you the knowledge to support full-body health changes for the better!