Seasonal Segment: Fresh off the vine for summertime

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With the summer heat comes the juiciest, sweetest, and most delicious produce of the year!

Most of us know that fruits and vegetables are important components of a healthy balanced diet, and provide:

  • Micronutrients and antioxidants
  • A punch of fiber to our meals
  • Benefits to our gut microbiomes


Did you know that prebiotics are fibers that aren’t digestible by our bodies, but are used as fuel sources for bacteria in our guts?

Prebiotics food sources are also highlighted below (**)

While there are no current guidelines for how many prebiotics you should have in a day, it’s a good idea to get a mix of pre- and probiotics to ensure a healthy, gut microbiome.

Whether you are headed to the garden, your local grocery store, or the farmer's market, be sure to snag some of these fiber-rich seasonal finds. 





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