Spring To It—Seasonal Produce to Help Your Gut Microbiome Thrive

It's getting warmer....which means it's time to start eating seasonal spring foods which just so happen to be as delicious as they are healthy for your gut microbiome. We're talking artichokes, apricots, and strawberries, not to mention turnips and garlic, avocado, bananas...the list goes on. Spring forward, because it's not hard to eat healthy when the season is known for a bounty of yummy produce. These seasonal fruits and veggies contain important nutrients to help fuel your body, plus healthy fibers to feed and diversify your microflora. 

While seasonal produce vary by state, these fresh fruits and vegetables are typically in season throughout the spring months:

Infographic: Seasonal foods

Want more options? We got you and your gut covered. Download the full chart for more delicious options to keep both your tastebuds and your gut microbiome happy.


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