Increase GLP-1

Increase GLP-1

GLP‑1 Probiotic is formulated with beneficial
bacterial strains that naturally increase GLP‑1,*
the "un-hunger" hormone that helps curb
cravings & appetite.

GLP‑1 Probiotic is formulated with
beneficial bacterial strains that naturally
increase GLP‑1, the "un-hunger"
hormone that helps maintain a healthy

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*Based on preclinical studies

Pendulum put the ‘pro’ in probiotics


Founded by PhD doctors and scientists from Johns Hopkins, Harvard, Berkeley, and Stanford

Clinical efficacy

Created Glucose Control, the only medical probiotic on the market clinically shown to improve A1C in type 2 diabetes

Proprietary strains

Featuring strains you can’t get anywhere else, including live Akkermansia, a keystone strain that’s been in 3,000+ scientific

Cutting-edge research

We continue to drive microbiome research forward through our own rigorous research and partnerships in clinical trials

Revolutionary manufacturing

Next-generation anaerobic strains are manufactured in our own strict, oxygen-free facility in the U.S.

Halle Berry, Dr Mark Hyman, Dr Mike Moreno, and Dr Christopher Mason

Trusted by doctors and experts

Top doctors and health influencers are talking about Pendulum’s cutting-edge science and life-changing products.

Dr. Kara Fitzgerald

Dr. Kara Fitzgerald on the latest evidence and clinical applications of Akkermansia muciniphila.

Dr Mark Hyman

Cleveland Clinic physician and Ultrawellness CEO, Dr. Mark Hyman, talks about Akkermansia and gut health.

Dr Mike Moreno

Best-selling author, Dr. Mike Moreno, shares why he tells his patients to take Pendulum.

Dr Christopher Mason

Dr. Chris Mason, professor of Genomics, Physiology and Biophysics at Cornell, talks about the hard core science behind Pendulum.

Our first investor and continuing research partner. We are the first consumer microbiome company to co-develop a registry with the Mayo Clinic.

Our team has served as board members for ADA chapters and the ADA Research Foundation. Pendulum was profiled at the annual Scientific Sessions.