Read All About It: Akkermansia Reviews

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’ve heard about Akkermansia. Maybe on a podcast, maybe you read about it, maybe your co-worker’s sister’s friend had the most amazing results and says everyone should try it, seriously, it’s life changing! For most of us, the next step is to read reviews of the product. And wow, have we got reviews.

Since we launched our Akkermansia probiotic, customers have been RAVING about the results. Here are just a few Akkermansia reviews from happy, healthy customers…

“I've had 10 years of chronic diarrhea which has stumped 3 gastroenterologists. This was recommended to me along with complex enzymes by the “fast tract digestion diet” author during a private consultation. Remarkable improvement! I started noticing a difference after about a month. I’m normal now! Ten years of cramping and urgency and accidents all gone. Amazing and life altering.”

Actually noticed results
“This is the first probiotic that actually provided noticeable results. My gastrointestinal system has normalized and my immune system is stronger.”

Regulated my daily bowel movements
“I noticed a big difference within a few days in my bathroom habits after taking just one a day. I have a very regular and “textbook" bowel movement now. Love this product!”

Dramatically improved bathroom regularity
“I'm not a gut expert and I don't even know all the symptoms of poor gut health, I just assumed mine couldn't be great. Just started my 2nd month, and just in the first month I had more bowel movements (healthy, at that) than I've ever had in a month. I track a number of things in my health and life, and with that being one of them, I had a record number in the month where the only thing that changed was adding Akkermansia. I do believe my mind is a little more clear and my mood a little more stable, as well. Big fan so far, looking forward to seeing if anything else changes in the 2nd month!”

“My gut health has improved 100%.”

I have already placed a new order for the Akkermansia muciniphila 
“It is possibly the best probiotic type of product I have ever taken. You can tell this is a high-quality product. In fact, if this were a drug it could be considered a breakthrough product.”

Pendulum’s products are absolutely amazing and game changing!
“Pendulum has truly mastered the art of optimizing gut health. Their products changed my life, lessened my sugar cravings, optimized my digestion, and helped my mood. Their products are superior and I would recommend them every time.”

Improved GI health
“As someone who has suffered from many GI issues over the years I have looked for answers and solutions. I took 2 daily medications and occasionally a 3rd. After taking this product for a few months my GI health has improved so much that I am safely off all medications. I am confident in this product and hope to continue to see positive results.”

And if customer Akkermansia reviews aren’t enough to convince you that this is an amazingly effective strain, here are a few scientific journal reviews of how integral Akkermansia is to overall health…

A next generation probiotic, Akkermansia muciniphila
“As an abundant resident in the intestinal tract of humans and animals, the probiotic effects of A. muciniphila including metabolic modulation, immune regulation and gut health protection, have been widely investigated. Various diseases such as metabolic syndromes and auto-immnue diseases have been reported to be associated with the disturbance of the abundance of A. muciniphila.”

Akkermansia muciniphila and improved metabolic health
“A. muciniphila is associated with a healthier metabolic status and better clinical outcomes after CR in overweight/obese adults. The interaction between gut microbiota ecology and A. muciniphila warrants further investigation.”
—BMJ Journals

Akkermansia muciniphila: paradigm for next-generation beneficial microorganisms
“Ever since Akkermansia muciniphila was discovered and characterized two decades ago, numerous studies have shown that the lack or decreased abundance of this commensal bacterium was linked with multiple diseases (such as obesity, diabetes, liver steatosis, inflammation and response to cancer immunotherapies). Although primarily based on simple associations, there are nowadays an increasing number of studies moving from correlations to causality. The causal evidence derived from a variety of animal models performed in different laboratories and recently was also recapitulated in a human proof-of-concept trial.”

As a company founded by a team of scientists, doctors, and innovators, Pendulum appreciates customers who do their research to stay informed on microbiome science. We invite you to read more articles on the role Akkermansia muciniphila plays in metabolic health, and, of course, to shop both our single strain Akkermansia probiotic, and our multi-strain probiotics that contain Akkermansia.

Keystone strain reinforces the gut barrier lining to improve digestive health
Metabolic Daily
Optimizes metabolism to help break down fiber, sugar, and carbohydrates
Glucose Control 
Helps lower A1C and post-meal glucose spikes in type 2 diabetes

Here’s to good gut reviews and even better gut health.

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