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Your guide to month three on Pendulum Glucose Control

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Your guide to month three on Pendulum Glucose Control

What to expect for the next 30 days.

We couldn’t be more proud: you’ve knocked out 60 days of a new routine with Pendulum Glucose Control like it was nothing. You’re headed to the finish line now: only 30 days left until you can see your A1C results!

This last month is critical to getting the results you’ve worked so hard for, so don’t hit cruise control:  remember that this is a gut microbiome change that requires consistency to continue managing your A1C levels and blood sugar spikes in a healthy, sustainable way. (You’re made for the challenge!)

Here’s what you can expect in month three: 
A habit that’s easier to follow

By now, you’re likely a pro at taking Pendulum Glucose Control every day —  once in the morning and once in the evening with food. Reminder: be sure to keep your product refrigerated at all times. If you’re traveling, pack it with ice packs. Hot tip: If you’re traveling by plane, you can call your airline ahead of your flight to see if the flight attendants are willing to store it during the flight for you.

A1C testing after 90 days 

It’s important to see your A1C results promptly after 90 days of using Pendulum Glucose Control to most accurately gauge how it’s worked for you. Your purchase of the Pendulum Three Month Starter Kit or Pendulum Membership includes free A1C testing, so be sure to reach out to us at to schedule yours now.

A dedicated, supportive community

Just knowing others can relate is important when you’re working hard to live better with type 2 diabetes. Get encouragement, the latest health tips, and updates from the Pendulum community on Facebook and Instagram. Join the conversation and keep us updated on your progress!