What is Pendulum Glucose Control?

The Human Genome Project (HGP) was completed in April 2003, and is considered one of the great feats in history. 

That’s because—for the first time ever—the HGP sequenced all of the genes (the “genome”) of the human species. This gave us the ability to read nature's complete genetic blueprint for building a human being.

Fast forward 19 years!

Much like the HGP revolutionizing the genetic blueprint of humans, Pendulum Glucose Control is revolutionizing the management of Type 2 diabetes

Call it the “Gut-microbiome Renaissance” if you will.  

This article will answer the following questions:

What is Pendulum Glucose Control?

For years, diet and exercise have been the "pillars" that supported the "temple" of Type 2 diabetes management.

With the medical probiotic Pendulum Glucose Control—and with gut-microbiome health—there is now a “third pillar” to help support that temple. 

By targeting the gut microbiome, which is the microbiome of your intestinal tract, Pendulum Therapeutics is making disruptive strides in the management of Type 2 diabetes. 

Pendulum Glucose Control is the first (and only) medical probiotic specifically designed for people with Type 2 diabetes. Adding Pendulum Glucose Control to your Type 2 management will make those diet and exercise “pillars” happy—as they have been carrying a heavy load for a long time. 

To achieve optimal results when taking Pendulum Glucose, it is important to also follow a gut-microbiome-friendly eating plan

Pendulum's registered dietitians (RDs) have gut-microbiome-friendly eating plans for all year round.

If you want a taste of some foods that nourish the gut microbiome and help to manage blood sugars, check out the meal plans that Pendulum's RDs have created. 

Pendulum Therapeutics’ dietitians also offer a variety of nutrition-education programs.

Pendulum Glucose Control
How does Pendulum Glucose Control help with the management of Type 2 diabetes?

The routine of being a newly diagnosed person with Type 2 diabetes usually involves: 

  • Getting the Type 2 diagnosis
  • Your diagnosing doctor telling you to exercise and eat right 


“Good nutrition and a healthy gut microbiome go hand in hand,” says Kristin Neusel, MS, RDN, LD, CDCES. “Without good nutrition, your gut microbiome can neither thrive nor flourish.” 

Neusel adds that even if you are properly eating now, if you lack certain strains in your gut, they won’t repopulate unless you reintroduce them.

“That’s why Pendulum Glucose Control and having a healthy eating plan are so important,” she says.

Backed by years of research, in people with Type 2 diabetes who were taking metformin, Pendulum Glucose Control demonstrated statistically significant reductions in A1C and blood-sugar spikes.

Taken twice daily, Pendulum Glucose Control can help: 

  • Strengthen the gut microbiome 
  • Manage blood-sugar spikes, and
  • Manage A1C levels


Conveniently packaged in a pill, Pendulum Glucose Control contains targeted strains or 5 probiotics (beneficial bacteria) and a prebiotic (food to fuel that beneficial bacteria)

This is great news for Type 2s. Especially when you consider that the connection between gut-microbiome health and Type 2 incidence is now widely recognized by the American Diabetes Association, the Mayo Clinic, and Johns Hopkins.

Does Pendulum Glucose Control contain Akkermansia muciniphila? 

One of the 5 probiotics contained within an encapsulated Pendulum Glucose Control pill is the “Wonder Bacterium” known as Akkermansia muciniphila (“Akkermansia”)
If Pendulum Glucose Control’s five probiotics were the 1990s Chicago Bulls, Akkermansia is Michael Jordan. 
Pendulum Glucose Control is one of two medical probiotics that have Akkermansia. The other medical probiotic is Pendulum Akkermansia, which—unlike Pendulum Glucose Control—is not intended for use in the management of Type 2 diabetes.
Akkermansia exists within the gut microbiomes of all of us, and contributes to an overall healthy gut microbiome.

Akkermansia’s specific location is in the inner lining  (the “mucus layer”) of our guts, and it makes up 3 to 5 percent of all gut microbes. 

Akkermansia is an "alpha-bacterium," and it contributes to a healthy intestinal mucus layer. Akkermansia also helps metabolize fiber into butyrate, which is a key short-chain fatty acid.

How do I buy Pendulum Glucose Control?

For more information about this new “Third Pillar” for the management of Type 2 diabetes, go to ​​https://pendulumlife.com/products/pendulum-glucose-control-2-og

Read an independent review to learn more about Pendulum Glucose Control!



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