Are Pendulum probiotics worth trying? Yes, and here’s why.

By Colleen Cutcliffe, CEO & Co-Founder

Pendulum is leading change in the probiotics industry with innovative, evidence-based products that target the microbiome. After 10 years of research and product development, we’ve made major scientific advances in the industry and scientific community, and now our products are available and helping thousands of consumers reach their health goals.

As knowledge of the gut microbiome and its critical role in the body’s overall health grows, more and more consumers are turning to Pendulum probiotics from the alternatives. They are intrigued by the science, and then become true believers when they see the improvement in their own health. 


Health influencer Katie Type A stopped by our facility last year and dug into these questions as she toured our facility. Hear her conversations with co-founders Colleen Cutcliffe, P.h.D. and John Eid, P.h.D. below:


So what makes us so different from all of the other probiotics out there? And why isn’t the industry keeping up? 

The truth is, the list of ingredients in probiotics hasn't changed much since they first hit grocer’s shelves. Also, most probiotic companies still use strains and formulations that date back to the 1970s.

If we know current probiotics aren’t getting the job done, and we have microbiome maps explaining how to treat common chronic ailments and diseases, why aren’t more probiotic companies following along? 


There are three big reasons: 

  • It’s complicated and expensive: To grow novel bacteria strains, you need to create a closed, oxygen-free system from end to end. No small feat! The Pendulum team has built our own manufacturing capabilities from the ground up.
  • It’s time-consuming: Building systems and processes no one else is using is time-consuming, costly and sometimes frustrating. It requires time, patience, lots of expertise, and testing (and more testing).
  • It takes focus and scientific rigor: Pendulum was founded to be a scientifically-driven company that helps solve health problems. That’s why we have had prestigious medical and scientific advisory boards and partnerships with leading research institutions from the very beginning. 

At Pendulum, we acknowledge these challenges and have made the commitment to lead these industry innovations. We have spent the last 10 years tackling them to find the best answers - with no shortcuts. We believe that the microbiome is so critical to transforming health, that we’re determined to lead this effort and continue to bring new, truly efficacious products to consumers.


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