What Does It Mean if My Gut Test Shows I’m Low in Akkermansia?

Got your gut tested lately? If so, you’re not alone. A growing number of people are recognizing that the microorganisms that live in the gut play a crucial role in overall health, and these people are either getting their gut tested through their doctor or with an at-home microbiome test. Either way, once you get the results of your gut microbiome test, you may be wondering…now what?

One important gut flora to look for in your microbiome test is Akkermansia muciniphila. You may see this show up in your results as Akkermansia muciniphila, A. muciniphila, or by its phylum name, Verrucomicrobia. This flora is a keystone strain for gut health.

In a healthy gut, Akkermansia represents 3-5% of the microbial community. Research has found that Akkermansia reduces gut barrier disruption and insulin resistance. The lack of or decreased levels of Akkermansia in the gut has been linked to the prevalence of multiple metabolic diseases and could indicate a thin mucus layer and weakened gut barrier function. Conversely, the presence of Akkermansia in the gut indicates a strengthened gut lining, and has been found to positively impact metabolic disorders and help support a healthy weight.

What To Do if You’re Low in Akkermansia

If your microbiome test shows that you’re low in Akkermansia, don’t panic. In fact, 25% of people have low amounts of Akkermansia in their gut. And 18% of people have no detectable amount of Akkermansia at all! Unfortunately, Akkermansia levels decrease as we age. Poor diet and use of antibiotics can also hamper Akkermansia in your gut. The good news is that it’s possible to boost your Akkermansia levels, and it’s relatively easy.

How To Increase Your Akkermansia Levels With a Probiotic Supplement

The easiest and most direct way to increase your Akkermansia levels is to take a probiotic that contains Akkermansia muciniphila

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There are three options to choose from—one single strain probiotic and two multi-strain options:

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How To Increase Your Akkermansia Levels With Diet

Unfortunately, there are no foods that contain Akkermansia. However, there are foods that promote the abundance of Akkermansia by creating a supportive environment for this keystone strain. These foods are polyphenols, such as flaxseed, grapes, cranberries, green tea, fish oil, and pomegranate.

You can also get polyphenols by taking Polyphenol Booster, a daily prebiotic that maximizes the effectiveness of Akkermansia in addition to supporting cardio health and healthy aging.

Akkermansia is getting a lot of attention lately in the healthcare and wellness communities. In fact, there have been over 1,000 science publications on this next generation strain. But that doesn’t mean you have to worry if your gut tests show low or no Akkermansia in your gut. Eat a diet rich in polyphenols and take a probiotic containing Akkermansia, and your gut microbiome will thrive.

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