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Manage blood glucose with groundbreaking microbiome science.

Pendulum® Glucose Control is designed for people with T2D to increase the gut microbiome’s butyrate producing and mucin-regulating functions. Made with a unique blend of targeted probiotic strains (beneficial bacteria) and a prebiotic (food to fuel bacteria), Pendulum Glucose Control helps improve the body’s natural ability to metabolize fiber into butyrate and manage glucose levels for the dietary management of T2D.

Put good in.
Get good back.

Microbiome science for the dietary management of T2D.

At Pendulum, we're discovering new ways that targeted probiotics and prebiotics can meet the needs of those with chronic illnesses. We use data–driven science to decode the microbiome and identify the roles specific strains play in healthy body function. Our targeted beneficial bacteria restore lost functionality in the microbiome to help the body metabolize fiber and manage glucose levels.

Backed By Clinical Research.

Pendulum Glucose Control is a breakthrough medical probiotic that is scientifically validated with clinical testing to help lower A1C and blood glucose spikes. Our nutritional study demonstrated a significant reduction in A1C and blood sugar spikes in people with type 2 diabetes, when compared to the placebo group after 12 weeks of use.

Results from Real Customers.

Customers share their stories with Pendulum.

“When my A1C got up to 6, I decided to try PGC because my body cannot tolerate Metformin. I've taken it for about two months. It's working fantastically. After 6 weeks, I saw my A1C drop to 5.5. Plus, I don't have any side effects. Thank you Pendulum for creating this product!”

– M.L.

Backed By Doctors

“Many patients struggle with managing type 2 diabetes and have inadequate control of their blood sugar. The microbiome is an exciting new field of medicine, and Pendulum is taking a rigorous, science-based approach to developing microbiome solutions for type 2 diabetes.”  

Science Is Collaborative

We’re working with esteemed partners on new discoveries and scientific breakthroughs.

See Results In 90 Days

Or, Get A Full Refund

Take Pendulum Glucose Control for 90 days to see improvements in your A1C. If it doesn’t meet your expectations after 90 days, we’ll refund your entire purchase.