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Pendulum Glucose Control

Pendulum Glucose Control

Pendulum Glucose Control is the first and only Medical Probiotic designed specifically for the dietary management of type 2 diabetes.

Helps manage healthy A1C levels and blood sugar spikes.*

Restores the body's natural ability to metabolize fiber and produce butyrate.

Made with novel strains of probiotic bacteria (friendly live microorganisms) and a prebiotic (food to fuel microorganisms).

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Savings Options

Newly Discovered by Pendulum.

A Proprietary Blend of Novel Strains.

  • Probiotics
  • Prebiotic

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What Can Our Beneficial Bacteria
Do For You?

Manage Healthy Glucose Levels

Helps to restore metabolism and has been shown to reduce A1C levels and blood glucose spikes.

Unlock Fiber Potential

Helps to break down fiber and produce beneficial molecules that energize cells in the colon, functionalities that are not found in typical probiotics.

Strengthen Gut Lining

Helps prevent harmful bacteria from causing gut inflammation, by protecting the intestinal lining.

Produce Butyrate

Helps to produce butyrate, the naturally occurring metabolite that is lost in people with T2D. Butyrate is key for maintaining insulin and glucose balance.

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  • What’s Different About A Medical Probiotic?
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  • Pure & Simple – Non-GMO Verified

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